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I am currently in a long distant relationship with my girlfriend. We're planning to meet and the date,but since we've both started college we have been quite distant and seem to fight quite a lot. We skype every night without doubt seeing as it's the closest we can get to eachother,but I would really love if the fighting stopped for the both of us,and I find you and your other half really inspiring and was wondering if you have any ideas on ways it can stop?☺️

Thank you! Long distance relationships are really complicated ones, and because people in a long distance relationships don’t have much of a chance to work out their problems face to face, it’s honestly hard to solve problems together!
I think the lack of touch and seeing facial expressions or body language can complicate problems further, so you definitely have to think about what you say because it is harder to make up for something if you fuck up haha.
Also, realize you or your partner are not perfect and never will be. People have bad days, sad days, miserable days etc. And we always have to be there to support them, and we may not get the reaction that we want back but we have to accept it. I think that is a solution to avoid or work through conflict as well, you have to stay realistic and remember that not every day is going to be a good one, and you can’t let it bring you guys down. I hope you’re alright :)

how do you guys trust eachother when living so far away? do you guys truly no everything thing about eachother like the good and the bad?

You just HAVE to trust the person you’re in a long distance relationship. It’s what the relationships last on pretty much. Trust and love. We do know the good and the bad about each other of course since we’ve been talking since January 2013, so it has definitely all come out by now lol.

Thankfully we’re not going to be long distance again starting on Wednesday.

Hi! My girlfriend and I are sharing a blog to try to make our ldr a little bit easier and if you would want to share it with people that would be awesome! Our username is marmieloo. :) I'm so happy for you two!

Sure we’d love to post this for you. Good luck in your LDR girls! :)